mission statement

Jetstreame is an independent games studio that was founded in October of 2012. Our main objective is to develop high quality immersive games. We aim to create games that will appeal to both casual & hardcore gamers. We strive for excellence in every title we craft. The goal is for our design, art, sound, & programming to be comparable to the best in the industry.

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Your donation allows us to connect with people and create partnerships around the world. We run independent gaming projects with our team, seeking the make indie game development more accessible! Find out more- follow the link!

Rather than focusing on current trends in games, we innovate by pushing ourselves to discover whats next.

We believe that the future of indie games is not studios like ours striving to compete with larger entities, but setting new standards and pushing the boundaries. We benefit from having a team of people who are not only lovers of game, but who are also immersed in the culture of gaming, and all of the social conversations that go along with it. We realize that this connectedness is what sets us apart. And it's part of what keeps Jetstreame moving forward.