Jetstreame interviews

Greetings Jetstreame fans! We're currently on the home stretch of finalizing dev on Cyberpunk Casanova. In the meantime check out our interviews below produced by the good folks at Extended Film Project. Much love & shout outs to them on doing a fantastic job! Get to know some of the awesome people who make Jetstreame in a behind the scenes look at their inspirations, dev process, fandom, perspective on the game industry, and much more! 

Jetstreame Founder Godric Johnson Partners With SMHS


Jetstreame founder Godric Johnson recently partnered with his alma mater Scotlandville Magnet High School(SMHS) for their STEM summer bridge program this summer of 2017. Johnson taught a GAME 101 "intro to game development" course to incoming freshmen. He sits on the HSEP board (High School for Engineering Professions) and runs an internship program in partnership with the HSEP.

Cyberpunk Casanova's Innovative Approach to Visual Novels


By now we’ve been exposed to a type of mixed media game referred to as “visual novels”. They are interactive games that became popular in Japan in the early 1990s. They are like “Choose Your Own Adventure” novels with digital gaming components which mostly focus on romance and adult scenarios. Recently, there has been a rise in popularity in America and video game developers are experimenting with they types of stories visual novels can explore.

We caught up with the innovative founders of Jetstreame’s, Godric Johnson, and creator of Patchwork Villain’s, Derek Scott, to talk about their upcoming indie visual novel game Cyberpunk Casanova.


How Video Game Developer Godric Johnson Mentors The Next Generation of Creators


Back when he was a young student and budding artist obsessing over the latest release from Nintendo, Godric Johnson knew he wanted to create his own video games someday — but there was nobody to show him how to make that dream a reality.

Today, Johnson, the founder of Baton Rouge-based video game developer Jetstreame, is working to make sure local students get an early window into the technology world. Johnson volunteers his time through summer camps and area nonprofits to teach students the basics of video game development and production, with a special emphasis on students in North Baton Rouge.

“It’s very important because me growing up myself in North Baton Rouge, we didn’t have those opportunities and I didn’t have really anybody to look up to,” he says. “As a young kid I didn’t know I could pursue this as a career.”

In addition to his mentoring work, Johnson is carving out a space in the hyper-competitive world of video game development by releasing high-quality immersive games across multiple platforms. The company is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign for its most ambitious project to date, a cyberpunk-themed dystopian dating simulation.

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The Dating Game, Local Game Developers Use Kickstarter For Upcoming Release


Local independent game studio Jetstreame is currently raising funds for its latest project entitled Cyberpunk Casanova. The game is a product of a partnership with musicians collective, Patchwork Villain and native Baton Rouge game developer Godric Johnson of Jetstreame, based out of Louisiana Technology Park.

“Cyberpunk Casanova is a project that is years in the making,” Johnson said. “We are striving to create a different take on a niche genre that many people can enjoy. The talented people who help create this game need to be compensated for their contributions and up until this point this entire project has been funded out of our own pockets.”

Currently in development, Cyberpunk Casanova is a visual novel dating sim. What sets this game apart from other titles in the dating sim genre is that Cyberpunk Casanova is a thriller set in a dark future, where your choices can lead to money, romance, danger and even death. The “Casanova” in the game is main character Enzo, who comes from a background of wealth. But due to his playboy lifestyle, his parents give him an ultimatum; either join their corporation in 30 days, or be expunged completely from the family records. In between those 30 days, he meets a colorful cast of women, who put him in perilous situations.


Indie Game Studio Jetstreame Releases New Game On Google and Amazon


Jetstreame announced late last week that its latest game, Star Shapers, is now available on Google Play and for download on Amazon. Versions for iOS and Windows 8 will follow in the coming months.

Jetstreame is an indie mobile game studio in Baton Rouge that develops games for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows, and specializes in video game development, interactive media and 3D animation.

Founder Godric Johnson launched the company in October 2012 in Louisiana Technology Park’s Level Up Lab. The main objective is to develop high-quality, immersive games for both casual and hardcore gamers.

Louisiana Technology Park explained Star Shapers as a fast-paced, retro-style puzzle game in the vein of popular arcade titles from the late 80s and early 90s, which combined elements of popular titles like Asteroids and Tetris. Players use a cannon to fire star fragments into other moving shape pieces, in order to create various stars. “When players connect a specified number of fragments of the same color, they complete the star shapes and increase their score. Playing quickly and strategically will help maximize your overall score as your standings grow on the online leader boards.”