Godric Johnson


Godric Johnson is an American artist / game developer / musician born & raised from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The world's FIRST proclaimed “Game-hop artist,” at the age of 5 he was heavily influenced by his father in art. He often copied his father's stick figure drawings and then went on to make his own artistic creations. As a child growing up he often drew his favorite comic book & video game characters numerous times and shared them with family & friends.

Derek Scott


Derek Scott is a music producer, sound designer, DJ, writer, and figure head of the Patchwork Villain musician's collective who has performed in numerous venues across the country at events such as: Dolo Jazz Suite, Left Field Experiment, Viberian Experience, SXSW, and BUKU. He has produced a number of projects under the PRIME8PIMPIN moniker and is constantly pushing the boundaries of sound and entertainment.

Jay Chen


Jay Chen is a digital illustrator / traditional artist from China who started his art career in 2012.  Most of his works are character designs and concepts for video game or animation but he also created many traditional artwork like watercolor paintings & caricatures. He loves to use his imagination to create artwork that touches people's hearts.

Edward Simmons


Edward Simmons aka Edo has been an artist his entire life. He does everything from design, illustration, and painted works through his skill sets of traditional and digital medias. He has an insane imagination and is constantly drawing, creating, or thinking about what to draw or create next.

JaNiece Campbell


JaNiece Campbell has been drawing since she could hold a pencil. She loves incorporating her love of 80s pop culture and animation into her work, which mostly revolves around character design. Aside from digital work, she also loves the art of pen and ink. Art for art's sake is her creed, and it's this passion that drives her to keep creating