Here's a small sample of the awesome projects Jetstreame is working on currently.

Digital H.E.R.


Digital H.E.R is a VR synth pop / rock band developed by G4M3-H0P.  The band consists of 5 female digital A.I: Giselle, Alexandra, Selene, Courtney, & Violet.  Romanticized spelling: D1G1T4L H3R

Band synopsis: Digital H.E.R five kickass digital ladies assimilating the world into their musical mainframe. G4M3-H0P the developer oversees their production and helps his girls with their cause of women empowerment, positive sound downloads, and geek flair with substance.




Cyberpunk Casanova is a dystopian visual novel thriller. In an effort to teach Enzo a lesson, his parents strip him of his corporate resources and credit accounts. It is their intention for Enzo to suffer until they return from a business trip in 30 days. In their minds this should be more than enough time for their foolish son to have come to his senses and make the decision to join the company (Tritus Technologies) or be removed from family records.